video "Tensiune Ón fir", 2017, HD, 11'10
"Tensiune Ón fir", 2017, HD, 11'10
expo “Visualizing the sound” 2017,
curators: Olivia Nițiș and Ciprian Ciuclea, production: WASP Studios, co-production: Asociația 4Culture
 In the gallery, Iulia Toma listens to the little echoes of her steps. She crosses the space in the right line, twists on the heel and starts again. The echoes arrive late, they hit the walls. Three steps to the left, none to the right, raise the yellow color and stretch it to the room, look at her silhouette as that of a performer. The screen breaks violently, the steps turn into cut-off sounds, and violence raises violence. The blue is soft and the white is blacked. Iulia Toma tests the perception of the hidden sounds on the textile surfaces and thus she makes them talk. The sections become round lines, broken sounds and discontinued colors, and they rearrange today in a shape of a white yellow blue rectangle.

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