instalatie "Festivitate", 2016
titlu: "Festivitate", 2016
installation, textile, dim. 20 m
"Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear", curator Tevz Logar, Eastwards Prospectus Gallery, Bucharest, 2018
"...The exhibition setup is concluded with two works by Iulia Toma. Both in the installation Festivitate and in the video Tensiune Ón fir, the artist uses her main medium of artistic expression – textile – to address issues of social tensions and individual emotional conflicts generated by dictatorship and state propaganda. Toma’s interventions represent a symbolical requisitioning of the archive that distances itself from the actual archival material but very precisely taking into consideration its specific socio-political condition. This presents the spectator with a question about the differences between different political ideologies and their mechanisms of manipulation. Above all, the work of Iulia Toma draws attention to the responsibility of the individual in relation to detecting contemporary social reality, the reality of historic memory and the establishment system of values..." (Tevz Logar)
credit photo: Miluta Fluieras

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